There is a lot of Historic memorabilia on the market today. Auctions, trade shows, retail shops, etc., all offer material. Some good, some bad. Many auctions sell items as-is, regardless of originality or mention of restoration.

Unlike others, I can guarantee you AUTHENTICITY, ORIGINALITY, and VALUE on items obtained through John Sexton.

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  • I conduct appraisals for estates, individuals and institutions for any purpose. I consult as to determining best markets for potential sale of significant single items and collections. I can advise and assist in fraud cases as expert witness. Please call or email for details and fees associated with specific services. You are welcome to email or text photos of items that evaluation is wanted. There is no charge for initial consultation on these items. I will provide a follow up call or email indicative of my recommendations of appraisal services needed or not needed on your particular request.
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